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Single Amino Acids - Pure Amino Acid Powder - L-Tyrosine

Pure Amino Acid Powder



  • An amino acid medical food for the dietary management of inborn errors of metabolism
  • IMPORTANT: For use under medical supervision. This product is nutritionally incomplete. Not for parenteral use.
  • WARNING: Do not heat, bake or add to hot food or beverages above 130°F


Preparation & Storage

Preparation for Diluting Single Amino Acids:

For prescriptions of less than 1 g, a 10% solution is recommended.
5 g of weighed amino acids dissolve in 500 mL of sterilized water* will provide 10 mg of amino acids per 1 mL of solution.

Note: This method will work for all amino acids that are water soluble. Tyrosine is not water soluble. *Boiling is the preferred method for sterilizing water

Please speak directly with your metabolic healthcare professional for your prescribed dosage and recommended administration


Must be used under medical supervision. Not intended for infants. Not intended as the sole source of nutrition. Not for parenteral use.

Keep at controlled room temperature (68° - 77°F). Protect from heat, humidity and light. After opening, cover with resealable lid and store in a cool dry place.

Directions for use
Use as directed by physician or dietitian.


Ordering Information

Product Code Reimbursement Code HCPCS Code Product Packaging


0160T 00847-0016-00 B4155 1 - 50g bottle